OffStreet Press (@OffStreetTweet) is currently a labour of love. These editors, writers and photographers give generously of their time and skills to provide content to OffStreet, and we are very grateful.

We’re looking for more writers, especially arts reviewers. We can offer media passes to a variety of events; if there is something you’re keen to see or do, let us know.

Contact OffStreet

If you’d like to pitch a story, have an event listed, or write for us, try one of the below contacts.

Zenobia Frost, arts editor: arts[at]offstreetpress[dot]com
Jeremy Thompson, assistant arts editor: as above
Denis Semchenko, music editor: music[at]offstreetpress[dot]com
Nemo Thorx, events guide editor: guide[at]offstreetpress[dot]com
Tahnee Robinson, visual arts and cinema editor: visual[at]offstreetpress[dot]com


Suzannah Bentley
Sarah Boothroyd

Dan Dixon
Alasdair Duncan (@alasdairduncan)
Zenobia Frost (@zenfrost)
Sam George-Allen (@samga)
Tom Hersey
Carmen Kelly
Charlene Li
Corrie MacDonald
mr oCean
Nerissa Rowan (@maelstrombeta
Alberto Vasquez Sanchez
Denis Semchenko (@musojourno)
Jeremy Thompson (@theunheimlich)
Patrick Turner (@patrickturnertw)
Pete Walsh
Krissi Weiss (@krissibassi)
Alice Wheeler
Kelly Wong
Brooke Zanco


Allan Allport (@moshpitson)
Justin Edwards (@jxe520)
Justin Ma
Elleni Toumpas
Andrew Wade

OffStreet Pressgang

Justin Edwards
Zenobia Frost
Tahnee Robinson
Denis Semchenko
Jeremy Thompson
Nemo Thorx (@nemothorx)
Krissi Weiss
Cameron Wilson


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