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2012 Round-Up: Best of Brisbane Arts

Best of Brisbane Arts 2012: Arts Ed’s Pick Coming up with our annual best-of lists at Rave Magazine was always a challenge. How do we condense an entire year’s worth of artistic and/or musical output into a brief list? How do we justify what stood out above the rest? It’s Christmas and we are drunk; … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Thérèse Raquin

Zen Zen Zo: Thérèse Raquin I expect Zen Zen Zo to unsettle me, even without the aid of ghosts. Their trademark physicality, in whatever form it takes, always incites conflicting responses: at once beguiling and grotesque. What I wasn’t expecting, when I took my seat to watch their adaptation of Thérèse Raquin (a gothic novel … Continue reading

ARTS REVIEW: Some Dumb Play

Some Dumb Play Review by Kelly Wong Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, Tuesday 6 November Some Dumb Play is ironic. It’s far from dumb. In fact, it pushes technological and theatrical boundaries. Their first preview night last Tuesday gave an insight into how theatre can be changed to adapt with the times. The preconceived idea … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety SUZANNAH BENTLEY spends an evening at Brian Lucas’s Performance Anxiety, which returns after a highly acclaimed World Theatre Festival 2010 season. The Powerhouse’s Turbine Studio is dimly lit and cabaret-style seating surrounds a small, elevated stage in the middle of the room. The audience visit the bar in the corner, find seats, chat, … Continue reading


The Bully Review by Alberto Vasquez Sanchez You may remember, from 2010 the case of Tyler Clementi, a gay college student who was outed when a video of him and his partner was uploaded on the internet. The story resonated deeply with the LGBT community and its supporters worldwide and brought both cyberbullying and the … Continue reading


KELLY Cremorne Theatre, QPAC Kelly is not the play that I expected. It’s better, and more interesting. In fact, it’s one of the best pieces of theatre that I’ve seen in Brisbane this year. When I saw the poster for the Queensland Theatre Company’s latest production, with its bushy-bearded star and “such is life” tagline, … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Envoyé://:Fragmenté

SUZANNAH BENTLEY gets an eyeful at Under the Radar’s ENVOYÉ://:FRAGMENTÉ. As I’m ushered into Metro Arts’ Sue Benner Theatre I’m told to continue past the seating banks, through the curtain, and down onto the stage where I should stand inside the taped square. I head down onto the stage with the 34 other audience members … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: JiHa Underground

Underground Adventures ZENOBIA FROST reviews Under the Radar’s 지하 Underground. Pull up a beanbag under the glimmer of a disco ball (or under the great cardboard whale) and make sure you have a beer in hand. Welcome to 지하 (JiHa) Underground: a karaoke speakeasy underwater queer surrealist love story with complementary watermelon. Yep — all those things … Continue reading


Invisible Brisbanes ZENOBIA FROST reviews Under the Radar’s STILL NIGHT. The rooftop terrace of The Point Hotel (at Kangaroo Point) seems an unlikely place for an Under the Radar performance — even more so after a couple of roadside Refidex stops. The obscurity of the venue is reflected in a modest turnout, which is a … Continue reading

THEATRE PREVIEW: Envoyé://:Fragmenté

Multiple Exposure Matt O’Neill, Brisbane hip hop MC, interdisciplinary artist and the man behind the Under the Radar Festival’s ENVOYÉ://:FRAGMENTÉ, bares all for SUZANNAH BENTLEY. One man: his music, words, and ideas, and absolutely no clothing to hide behind. Matt O’Neill’s one-man show explores sound, the body, and Australian society. Over three nights during Brisbane’s Under … Continue reading

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