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REVIEW: Beach House

Beach House, Wintercoats The Tivoli, Brisbane, Friday January 11 Melbourne’s Wintercoats (James Wallace) takes the stage with a violin. Plays. Loops. Plays more. Layers and layers. There are smooth violin lines turned into chords and pizzicato pluckings turned to bass through a pedal; bow and body tapping turned to processed electronic rhythm tracks. And histrionics —the histrionics … Continue reading

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Meredith 2012

Meredith Music Festival Dec 7–9, 2012 Review by Chris Harms The Meredith Music Festival occupies a special place in the hearts of its regular patrons, many of them willing to trumpet its superiority to other Australian festivals at a moment’s notice and at surprising length. For outsiders and newcomers to Melbourne who profess to love … Continue reading

REVIEW: Radiohead

CHELSEA HEANEY tries to put the religious experience that was RADIOHEAD‘s long-awaited Brisbane concert into words. Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Friday November 9 It was rainy and cold as thousands made the journey to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last Friday for the sold out Radiohead concert. I have described this venture as the musical equivalent of a … Continue reading

REVIEW: Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg + Jordie Lane QPAC, Thursday October 25 DON SINNAMON catches BILLY BRAGG‘s world tour for Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday. It’s rad. From the back row, Jordie Lane is just a distant hat, beard and guitar until he opens his mouth and that amazing voice spills out. His soulful lilting could easily belong to one … Continue reading

ARTS REVIEW: Lost Movements

Lost Movements Review by Kelly Wong Coniston Lane, Sunday 7 October Lost Movements is a massive collaboration between local artists, performers and musicians — the second event of its kind. This not-for-profit, artist-run initiative encourages the summative, extrasensory experience that comes from being surrounded by live art in every corner and crevice of the venue. … Continue reading

REVIEW: We All Want To

We All Want To + Tall Tails Black Bear Lodge, Sunday Sep 30 DON SINNAMON reaffirms his bandcrush on Brisbane’s WE ALL WANT TO at their new album launch. Black Bear Lodge is a cosy venue, but as a narrow chute of a room, it can be hard to pitch the sound levels properly – … Continue reading

REVIEW: Silver Sircus

Silver Sircus (album launch) + Michael Ross + Kristy Apps & The Shotgun Shirleys Old Museum, Saturday October 13 Kristy Apps & The Shotgun Shirleys are gorgeousness, with the band weaving a beautiful tapestry of guitars, mandolin and fiddle beneath Apps’ immense voice. Traipsing between foot-stomping, but not-quite-hoe-down numbers and heartfelt balladry, the quartet keep a … Continue reading

REVIEW: Everclear

A longtime fan of the band, TOM HERSEY has conflicting thoughts after witnessing ’90s US rock fixtures EVERCLEAR‘s recent Brisbane gig. Everclear + Emperors + Smoking Martha The Hi-Fi, Thursday October 11 In hindsight, the mid-to-late ‘90s seem like some of rock & roll’s darkest days. Post-grunge and prior to the garage/indie resurrection of the early … Continue reading

REVIEW: The Fearless Vampire Killers

Last weekend, JASMINE DARLINGTON-RIELLY was out in the Val to watch current indie-pop darlings THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS and a couple local acts. The Fearless Vampire Killers + Fushia + Bixby Canyon Alhambra Lounge, Friday October 5 First up tonight are Bixby Canyon. As they take the stage, there are only about five people other … Continue reading

REVIEW: Geppetto

KRISSI WEISS is awed by Emma Dean and Jake Diefenbach’s “dramaturgical” cabaret fairy tale otherwise known as GEPPETTO. Judith Wright Centre, Friday October 5 Heading into the Judith Wright Centre, this evening reminds me I’m getting just that little bit older. The appeal of comfortable seating in a theatre where the sound is sure to be crisp … Continue reading

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