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Au revoir from OffStreet Press

2 January, 2012   MEDIA RELEASE  Statement of closure: OffStreet Press In the six months since the closure of Rave Magazine, OffStreet Press has endeavoured to maintain diversity in Brisbane arts and music journalism. OSP has also supported the vibrant, vital and extraordinary artists and musicians who work in and visit Brisbane — a city … Continue reading


Into the Woods GEPPETTO’s ever-eloquent EMMA DEAN joins ZENOBIA FROST at Brisbane’s sofa-jungle Junk Bar to talk New York, lederhosen, puppetry and pop. ZENOBIA FROST: You and Jacob [Diefenbach] have just come back from adventures in New York. How was that experience? EMMA DEAN: It was hard being in a foreign city and putting on … Continue reading


Terrain Choreographer FRANCES RINGS tells ZENOBIA FROST how to translate the shimmer of a salt lake into human movement. ZENOBIA FROST: You mentioned this is your first full-length work with Bangarra, but you have worked with the company many times before. What was your process for developing a full-length production? FRANCES RINGS: The experience has … Continue reading

SPOKEN WORD REVIEW: Unrequired Reading

Unrequired Reading ZENOBIA FROST reviews Brisbane Fringe Festival event UNREQUIRED READING. An evening of spoken word and video art, Unrequired Reading is the only Brisbane Fringe Festival show I’ve made it to thus far — but I’m glad I did. It’s a cool, clear night, and the walk from the city to the Highgate Hill … Continue reading


Making a Splash ZENOBIA FROST reviews Brisbane Festival’s LA SOIRÉE. After the glimmering, otherworldly delights of the Lantern Walk, I notice immediately that this year’s Spiegeltent is different. As the tent is an annual highlight, it felt like coming home only to find that someone has redecorated. Gone is the dark-wooded Bavarian beer house, and in its … Continue reading

CABARET PREVIEW: Ghostboy — We Love You!

We Love You! (As Much As Everybody Else Does) THE HOLY GHOSTBOY and his collaborator, soundwizard SIR LADY GRANTHAM, cannibalise Under the Radar with their “one beast, one bitch” neo-cabaret comedy at Metro Arts this September. Limiting himself to a few choice ingredients, Ghostboy sets the record straight for ZENOBIA FROST on his relationship with … Continue reading


Rush Hour Zenobia Frost reviews Under the Radar’s fifteen. Brisbane’s Liesel Zink choreographs this public dance work, fifteen, which blurs the lines between audience and participant, theatre and public space. To get my biases out of the way, I admit that dance is an art form that I’m still learning how to appreciate. Zink’s A … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: JiHa Underground

Underground Adventures ZENOBIA FROST reviews Under the Radar’s 지하 Underground. Pull up a beanbag under the glimmer of a disco ball (or under the great cardboard whale) and make sure you have a beer in hand. Welcome to 지하 (JiHa) Underground: a karaoke speakeasy underwater queer surrealist love story with complementary watermelon. Yep — all those things … Continue reading


Invisible Brisbanes ZENOBIA FROST reviews Under the Radar’s STILL NIGHT. The rooftop terrace of The Point Hotel (at Kangaroo Point) seems an unlikely place for an Under the Radar performance — even more so after a couple of roadside Refidex stops. The obscurity of the venue is reflected in a modest turnout, which is a … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Loco Maricon Amor

Loco Maricon Amor Review by Zenobia Frost A made-up-true-story: Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca are caught in interweaving and surreal passions with art, with death, with the muse, and with each other. Loco Maricon Amor is the first incarnation of this experimental work by The Danger Ensemble (The Hamlet Apocalypse) — experimental in the … Continue reading

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