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2012 Round-Up: Best of Brisbane Arts

Best of Brisbane Arts 2012: Arts Ed’s Pick Coming up with our annual best-of lists at Rave Magazine was always a challenge. How do we condense an entire year’s worth of artistic and/or musical output into a brief list? How do we justify what stood out above the rest? It’s Christmas and we are drunk; … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Thérèse Raquin

Zen Zen Zo: Thérèse Raquin I expect Zen Zen Zo to unsettle me, even without the aid of ghosts. Their trademark physicality, in whatever form it takes, always incites conflicting responses: at once beguiling and grotesque. What I wasn’t expecting, when I took my seat to watch their adaptation of Thérèse Raquin (a gothic novel … Continue reading

ARTS REVIEW: Some Dumb Play

Some Dumb Play Review by Kelly Wong Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, Tuesday 6 November Some Dumb Play is ironic. It’s far from dumb. In fact, it pushes technological and theatrical boundaries. Their first preview night last Tuesday gave an insight into how theatre can be changed to adapt with the times. The preconceived idea … Continue reading


The Bully Review by Alberto Vasquez Sanchez You may remember, from 2010 the case of Tyler Clementi, a gay college student who was outed when a video of him and his partner was uploaded on the internet. The story resonated deeply with the LGBT community and its supporters worldwide and brought both cyberbullying and the … Continue reading


DON SINNAMON wishes the crowd loosened up some more at an electrifying MACY GRAY show at a certain Brisbane landmark. QPAC, Thursday September 20 Emma Dean performing solo still fills the stage in a way that one woman seated at a piano shouldn’t be able to. It seems some mad scientist with a good ear … Continue reading

THEATRE PREVIEW: Envoyé://:Fragmenté

Multiple Exposure Matt O’Neill, Brisbane hip hop MC, interdisciplinary artist and the man behind the Under the Radar Festival’s ENVOYÉ://:FRAGMENTÉ, bares all for SUZANNAH BENTLEY. One man: his music, words, and ideas, and absolutely no clothing to hide behind. Matt O’Neill’s one-man show explores sound, the body, and Australian society. Over three nights during Brisbane’s Under … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Loco Maricon Amor

Loco Maricon Amor Review by Zenobia Frost A made-up-true-story: Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca are caught in interweaving and surreal passions with art, with death, with the muse, and with each other. Loco Maricon Amor is the first incarnation of this experimental work by The Danger Ensemble (The Hamlet Apocalypse) — experimental in the … Continue reading

THEATRE REVIEW: Short+Sweet Theatre Festival

Short+Sweet SARAH BOOTHROYD reviews SHORT+SWEET Theatre Festival. The space was intimate, the pre-show music was hip, and the audience was lively; conditions were ideal for the first night of Brisbane’s Short+Sweet 10-minute-theatre festival. Each year, Short+Sweet seek submissions of scripts from around the world (this year they received about 650), select 30 of the best, … Continue reading

THEATRE: Short+Sweet Theatre Festival

In Short SARAH BOOTHROYD chats to SEAN DENNEHY, director of the Queensland SHORT+SWEET THEATRE FESTIVAL, about keeping it brief. SARAH BOOTHROYD: Tell me about Short+Sweet’s 10-minute play format. What are the advantages? SEAN DENNEHY: The format allows playwrights, directors and actors to crystallise their physical, emotional and creative journey within a form that has no … Continue reading

THEATRE PREVIEW: Loco Maricon Amor

Invoking el Duende The Danger Ensemble’s CAROLINE DUNPHY, co-devisor and performer for LOCO MARICON AMOR, spins surreal visions for ZENOBIA FROST.   ZENOBIA FROST: The promo image for Loco Maricon Amor is extraordinary. How does this portrait embody the performance? CAROLINE DUNPHY: Let’s say, primarily, that this cubist-like portrait has a complex personality and is … Continue reading

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